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Why MSX Levels and Editor contest?

Ever since the early days of MSX, developers have understood how to increase a game's replay value. Good level design, playability and challenging game play were important factors. Also level editing was one of these elements: let the users expand the gameplay themselves. Even early MSX games like Soukoban and Lode Runner have an editor built in. In Japan - and probably in other countries too - contests were created to promote these games. Examples like Lode Runner, Eggerland, King's Valley II and Mole Mole. Some of these contests even resulted in new releases. And even without a contest, levels for these games got made and shared with friends alike. The MSX Levels and Editor contest (MSX-LE contest from here on) wants to bring back this nice MSX tradition. To promote creating levels for the various games that have editors. And it's also to promote people in the MSX community, that don't have the coding skills to make their own game to get their creativity on. Six categories of games have been selected for the MSX-LE contest:

Game level categories

King's Valley II - The Seal of El Giza 王家の谷 エルギーザの封印 Brisk ブリスク Daisenryaku/ Great Strategy series Bombaman Eggerland Mystery a.k.a. Eggerland 1 a.k.a. エッガーランドミステリー all MSX levels

King's Valley II


Great strategy series



"Free for all"

All other game levels than the 5 mentioned games, will participate in the 'Free for all' category. If you want to have some inspiration, look at this page:

Editor category
Aside from these categories, there is a bonus category for new level/ game editors. Editors made or released during the course of this competition. These editors can be in games or separate programs. These entries don't need to be released through this contest, just be released to the MSX community during this competition and submitted. The editor or the game it's in can be free or be sold. And it even can compete in another contest; all can take part. This category is ment to promote level editors or game editors in general.

MSX Game and level editors

How to enter the contest?

Levels or a level pack: provide them preferably in a format, that is directly usable on an MSX or an emulator. Please also say your name/ nick for the entry and for which game the level(s) are.

Editor let us know the details: Is the editor integrated in a game that is on sale? Just provide some screenshots and a link to where you can buy the game and/or editor. Is the editor or the game it's in is free? Just send a link or send an attachment if it can be hosted on the competition page. Also include a screenshot of the editor, your name/ nick and for which game the editor is.

Start date and end of the contest

Start date: May 6th, 2021
Deadline for entries: November 30th, 2021
Results: (before) December 31st, 2021

Entries so far

Check and download the MSX-LE entries



Levels will be judged on the following factors:

Bonus points can be awarded for: Judges will be announced later. Judges could enter levels in the contest to promote the contest. But these entries are not elligible to win.


There is a prize for the winner in each of the categories:

Game categories
Editor category
The winning editor wins: € 200

All entries are valued! Whether it is big or small, simple or complex. That is why the entries for each category will be used to create a competition level pack for that game. This will be freely downloadable on the site. This is in honour of the level contests that were held back in the day. Each category will also have a cash prize for the winner. The organisation will provide the prize for the contest. If there are donations for prizes, these will be added.

If you want to make a donation, you can donate through Paypal with the button below. All contributions will go towards to winners. If you make a donation, tell us whether you want to be anonymous or have a (nick)name listed with it.

That leaves nothing to address but to say:

Let's get creating!