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Great Strategy 2 Campaign Version
- Daisenryaku 2 キャンペーン版大戦略II -
Great Strategy 2 Campaign version a.k.a. Daisenryaku 2 a.k.a. キャンペーン版大戦略II
User levels for Great Strategy 2 Campaign version.
No levels available yet.

Microcabin also released a Daisenryaku 2 map collection for this game. There is also a Daisenryaku 2 Campaign Version Customer Kit, which allows you to create all kinds of levels and tweak your armies. You can even play with Latok and his friends.
On Futuredisk 23 you can also find an editor for Daisenryaku 2. You can download it from over here.

There is also a Daisenryaku 2 editor on one of the first few MSX Fan disks, but I don't remember which. Will update this when I know.
Also available for these systems:

PC 88, PC 98, Sharp X68000, Turbo Graphix

Perhaps user levels for these versions can be ported to MSX.