MSX Translations, File Archive and more...
MSX Resource Center Foundation - One of the main resources for the MSX community.

Programming resources

MSX Assembly Pages - The ultimate source of information for the MSX programmer.

MSX databases

Generation-MSX - The most complete English MSX Software database on the internet.
Tagoo - The most extensive Japanese MSX Software database on the internet.


WebMSX - A great online emulator that also allows online playing and online multiplayer.
blueMSX - One of the most advanced MSX emulators with well designed GUI.
openMSX - Very advanced Open source MSX emulator and openMSX debugger.

Patches and patch utilities

IPS4MSX and IPS archive - IPS tool to apply ips patches on msx. The IPS archive also has many bug fixes and some translations.
FRS patches - Many impressive patches, hdd versions and turbo patches. Also has a translation for King's Valley 2 Gold edition.
IPS Tools - List of IPS patching tools for various OSes and other related tools.
MIA tool - Tool to batch apply patches over multiple files.

Other translation groups or translation projects for MSX

Project Melancholia - English Translation for SD Snatcher
Snatcher - English and Portuguese Translation for Snatcher
Parodius - English translation for Parodius. Original site no longer active
Takamichi Suzukawa's website - Translator of many MSX games like Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake, Snatcher and Illusion City
Illusion City English and Portuguese Translation for Illusion City. Original site no longer active
Shalom English - English translation of Shalom a.k.a. Knightmare 3 made by Slotman based on the Portuguese version made by Ricardo Bittencourt.
Shalom Portuguese - Original translation of Shalom to Portuguese by Ricardo Bittencourt.
Young Sherlock - Translation to Portuguese. This was never translated to English unfortunately. Original site is no longer active.
Silviana - Translation by M.I.J.E.T. of the RPG by Pack-in-Video.
Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake - Latest version of the translation (1.4) created by BiFi based on the translation by Maarten ter Huurne and Takamichi Suzukawa.
Metal Gear - Latest version of the translation (1.9) created by Nekura_Hoka and Takamichi Suzukawa.
King Kong 2 Ultimate edition - Latest and greatest translation of King Kong 2 to English. There is also a Spanish version.
A life M36 Planet MotherBrain has been aliving - Great translation of this metroidvania type game.
The Three-Eyed One Comes Again... - High quality translation of the game Mitsume ga Tooru.
Moon Light Saga - Very good translation project for Moon Light Saga; a marvellous Turbo R RPG with great humour.
Sanatorium of Romance - Nice Spanish translation of this game. Sadly no English translation yet.
Zoo - Translation to English of this Dutch game.
Kinderen van de Wind - Translation to English of the Dutch game Kinderen van de Wind.
The Fantasm Soldier Valis 2 - More information and download link about the Valis 2 translation to English plus improvements.
Dead of the Brain - Translation to English for this great adventure.
Overview of MSX translations on RHDN - List of MSX translations for MSX on RHDN. Especially useful for translations that don't have a dedicated webpage.